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Exhaust Fans

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Exhaust Fan - The Home Essential

Exhaust fans play a huge role in keeping your home clean, safe and comfortable.

Their basic function is to encourage air circulation and provide proper ventilation. 

They work to remove impurities, excess moisture, odours and smoke from the air which is why they are generally installed in the bathroom and kitchen (these ones are referred to as rangehoods).

They can also be beneficial in rooms such as the laundry and garage depending on usage.


Where should I have them installed?

There are many places in your your home that can benefit from exhaust fans. These include:


A bathroom exhaust fan helps remove excess moisture from the bathroom. This prevents mould and mildew from growing and protects your bathroom from water damage. In average size bathrooms, one should be enough but depending on the room size you may need to get multiple installed.


Exhaust fans in the kitchen operate similarly to their bathroom counterparts and generally come in one of three types: ceiling, rangehood or wall.

Ceiling exhaust fans help remove steam, odours and heat from your kitchen while rangehoods provide similar benefits but also capture cooking particles floating around the air. Wall mounted exhaust fans are usually used in conjunction with rangehoods and can help spread heat evenly.


Laundry exhaust fans, likewise, help prevent mould and mildew from growing in the space. They also remove odours and can even help to reduce your energy consumption by helping to prevent heat build up.


Regardless of whether you choose to install an exhaust fan in your garage, they can help to ensure that air changes don’t damage the items you’re storing.

Benefits of exhaust fans

Exhaust fans (and fans in general, including ceiling fans) are especially important in Australia due to our warm and sometimes humid climate. These fans can help to reduce the risk of damage to our properties. 

While people often relate exhaust fans to the air quality and comfort in a home, there are other, more important reasons they should be installed in your home:

1. Mould/Mildew Prevention

Without proper ventilation, moist air can build up and create issues with mould and mildew on walls and fabrics such as curtains. The effects of moist air can most commonly be seen in the bathroom where without proper circulation you will most likely see damage to the paint and a build up of mould spots.

Mould isn’t only unpleasant to look at but it can also negatively impact your health so it is important to reduce the risk wherever possible. 

2. Reducing False Fire Alarms

Cooking is bound to create a little smoke every now and then.

Which is why it is so important to have a working exhaust fan (rangehood) in the kitchen to suck that smoke out of the house and away from your smoke alarm.

Left to build up while you are cooking, this small amount of smoke can cause your smoke alarm to go off when there is no fire – hardly the soundtrack you want to accompany your evening meal. 

3. Prevent Odour Build Up

This one is more of an aesthetic concern but without proper ventilation, odours from cooking can build up in fabrics such as curtains and upholstered furniture.

Once a smell gets into fabric, it can be very difficult and time consuming to get out. 

*Please keep in mind that all exhaust fans must be installed by a professional electrician. 

Need an exhaust fan fixed or fitted in your home?

When it comes to finding an exhaust solution, it is important you get one that is right for your space and needs. 181 Electrical can recommend the correct exhaust fan for your room.

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